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Continuously enriching your life through fashion – Caitac Family, Inc.

Caitac Family, Inc. is a general apparel manufacturer, dealing with all kinds of apparels, from casual wear and jeans for men, women and children to pajamas, home wear and underwear. As well as our own line of labels, we also have licence agreements with many other popular overseas brands. By responding swiftly to the needs of time and customers, we continue to enrich people’s lives through fashion.

Licenced Brands

・ MLB ・ LOTTO ・ LightningBOLT
・ repipiarmario ・ CIMARRON ・ BODY GLOVE
・ Karrimor Run ・ KENCOLLECTION ・ TOROY and many others

Company Information

Established March 1st, 1963
Capital 200 million yen
Net Sales 30 billion yen (to Fiscal Year ending February 2017)
Main Business General apparel manufacturer

Head OfficeMAP

3-12 Showa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama, Japan 700-0032 | TEL +81-86-255-5100


Casual Wear DepartmentMAP

The team develops, produces and sells casual wear for men, ladies and children. It owns many brands and supplies products through many channels, from specialized shop to GMS (general merchandise stores.

3-12 Showa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama, Japan 700-0032 | TEL +81-86-255-3500

Jeans DepartmentMAP

The department oversees the entire process of bringing stylish, comfortable and authentic jeans for men and women to the market, and supplies them to various retailers including department stores, specialized stores and general merchandise stores.

1-8-14 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 153-0043 | TEL +81-3-5722-3666

RW Department(Ragged Works)MAP

RUGGEDWORKS offers simple and colourful denim casual-wear. Using unique processing techniques that we have perfected over the years, we turn the best quality materials into pieces delivering the optimum natural look and feel. The brand mainly focuses on children’s’ items and its collection is available nationwide.

1-8-14 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 153-0043 | TEL +81-3-5722-3638

Men’s Nightwear DepartmentMAP

This team is responsible for the company’s men’s sleepwear lines, from planning and manufacturing through to sales. Equipped with our own factory in Japan, the team offers made-in-Japan products and various branded goods to retailers. We have the biggest market share in Japan for the production and sales of men’s nightwear.

3-12 Showa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama, Japan 700-0032 | TEL +81-86-255-5100

Ladies’ and Children’s Nightwear DepartmentMAP

The team plans, produces and sells both sleep wear and home wear (such as aprons) for ladies and children, pursuing design that achieves ‘good quality sleep’ and ‘relaxation’.
‹Ladies Nightwear Team›
Ladies Nightwear Team deals with the development, manufacturing and sales of nightwear, home wear and aprons. Its primary merchandise is safe and trusted made-in-Japan sleep wear and comfortable home wear. It also operates the ‘Kaimin (meaning good quality sleep) Lab’ brand which pursues the ultimate comfort for pajamas. These pajamas are available from their specialized shop and an online shop.

‹Children’s Nightwear Team›
The team specializes in the development, production and the sales of children’s sleep wear. Its primary concern is to create safe nightwear for children, together with products featuring popular characters. In addition, the team develops maternity nightwear and has a home wear range.

3-12 Showa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama, Japan 700-0032 | TEL +81-86-255-5100

Underwear DepartmentMAP

This department is in charge of the underwear ranges for men, ladies and children. It also puts a great deal of effort into developing products to maximize comfort, such as underwear with hammock style support.

3-12 Showa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama, Japan 700-0032 | TEL +81-86-255-5593

Household Accessories DepartmentMAP

This new team was formed in March 2016 to deal with the planning and production of general household accessories that will add a bit of style to everyday life.

3-12 Showa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama, Japan 700-0032 | TEL +81-86-255-5593

Offices in Japan

Tokyo BranchMAP

1-8-14 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 153-0043 | TEL +81-3-5722-3644

Osaka BranchMAP

9F, the 3rd Fuji Building, 1-3-13 Itachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan 550-0012 | TEL +81-6-6539-0501

Fukuoka BranchMAP

1-9-5 Tanotsu, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 813-0034 | TEL +81-92-622-2572

Nagasaki FactoryMAP

200 Tanohiramyo, Azuma-cho, Unzen, Nagasaki, Japan, 859-1105 | TEL +81-957-38-3155

Kawatana FactoryMAP

364-20 Momozugo, Kawatana-cho, Higashisogi-gun, Nagasaki 859-3605 | TEL +81-956-82-5454

Iwakuni FactoryMAP

2-23-1 Houzumachi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan 740-0043 | TEL +81-827-38-1255

Edosaki DistributionMAP

363-1 Edosakiotsu, Inashiki, Ibaraki, Japan 300-0509 | TEL +81-29-892-8621

Okayama DistributionMAP

373 Shimonakano, Kita-ku, Okayama, Japan 700-0973 | TEL +81-86-241-4121

Global Offices


RM A8-9 2F, SUN PLAZA, NO.88 XIANXIA RD, SHANGHAI, CHINA 200336 | TEL 021-6270-0058


ROOM 1608 YANG GUANG BLDG NO.61 XIANG GANG ZHONG RD 266071 | TEL 0532-8576-1225

Caitac Group TV Commercial

CM Introduction

Caitac Group TV commercial “Blooming Torso”(30 seconds)

Elevating the pleasure of wearing clothes to the pleasure of wearing happiness
Loving the gentle texture and feel, discovering clothing suited to your senses, expressing yourself, opening up new worlds for you – we hope our clothes will bring you these, and many more, happy feelings.
This TV commercial expresses the potential of fashion through a torso covered in beautiful, blooming, colorful flowers.

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