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Pioneering the Future in the Fashion Industry – Caitac International, Inc.

Caitac international, Inc. is a cutting edge apparel company whose primary products are our own and imported jeans.
We capture the latest trends and bring the hottest styles to the market. We control the whole process of the apparel business from planning and manufacturing to sales in our own retail outlets all over Japan. We enhance the apparel’s potential through our finely tuned sensitivity and high quality products.

Brands and Shops

lideal Moname Pal’las Palace
Divinique LOLA’S APARTMENT Aqui Agora

Company Information

Established March 1st, 1967
Capital 200 million yen
Net Sales 8.4 billion yen
(to Fiscal Year ending February 2017)
Main Business Manufacturer of Jeans and Casual Wear

Head OfficeMAP

1-8-14 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 153-8565 | TEL +81-3-5704-9486


D&S DepartmentMAP

D&S Department is responsible for the sales of premium jean brands such as YANUK. Its future is not just limited to denim pieces, but the team strives to create fresh values in the wider fashion market through our retail businesses backed by our global production capacity.

1-8-14 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 153-8565 | TEL +81-3-5722-3685

Palmus CompanyMAP

Palmus Company operates Japanese themed ‘Pal’las Palace’ stores nationwide, which feature casual pieces that focus on material quality and a handmade feel.

1-8-22 Mishuku, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 154-0005 | TEL +81-3-5431-3700

Aqui Agora CompanyMAP

Aqui Agora is our boutique for ladies featuring our original ‘pedido’ brand and many other seasonal must have labels sourced in and outside Japan. As well as ladies clothing and accessories, the shop offers sportswear, occasion wear and kids’ clothing. Whilst serving a range of generations, the shop’s main target market is women in their 30s.

CA SQUARE 1-15-43 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 810-0023 | TEL +81-92-761-3775

Locations in Japan

Soja FactoryMAP

737 Makabe, Soja, Okayama, Japan 719-1134 | TEL +81-866-92-3501

Kamogata FactoryMAP

1808-1 Rokujoin-naka, Kamogatacho, Asakuchi, Okayama, Japan 719-0252 | TEL +81-865-44-8544

Global Office


14725 South Broadway Gardena CA90248 U.S.A. | TEL 1-310-217-9888


4501-35,Hu Qing Ping RD,Qingpu,Shanghai,China 201700 | TEL 86-21-3386-5828

Caitac Group TV Commercial

CM Introduction

Caitac Group TV commercial “Blooming Torso”(30 seconds)

Elevating the pleasure of wearing clothes to the pleasure of wearing happiness
Loving the gentle texture and feel, discovering clothing suited to your senses, expressing yourself, opening up new worlds for you – we hope our clothes will bring you these, and many more, happy feelings.
This TV commercial expresses the potential of fashion through a torso covered in beautiful, blooming, colorful flowers.

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