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Caitac Corporation is a holding company which owns Caitac Trading, Inc, Caitac Family, Inc., and Caitac International, Inc. as its main subsidiaries.

Company Information

Established October 26th , 1948
Capital 498,902,250 yen
Main Business Holding Company

Head OfficeMAP

3-12 Showa-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama, Japan 700-8586 | TEL +81-86-255-1200


Caitac Group TV Commercial

CM Introduction

Caitac Group TV commercial “Blooming Torso”(30 seconds)

Elevating the pleasure of wearing clothes to the pleasure of wearing happiness
Loving the gentle texture and feel, discovering clothing suited to your senses, expressing yourself, opening up new worlds for you – we hope our clothes will bring you these, and many more, happy feelings.
This TV commercial expresses the potential of fashion through a torso covered in beautiful, blooming, colorful flowers.

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