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From Okayama to Japan, and now bringing the future of apparel to the world – Caitac Group continuously advances, catching the wind of change

1948-1981 ‹From foundation to the emergence of the total fashion business›

1948 The company was founded
1963 Okayama Factory was established, beginning with the production of pajamas Human Pajama label
1967 The company started the production of ladies’ casual pants
1969 It opened a sales office in Tokyo as the first step towards the company’s nationwide expansion
1970 The company changed its trade name to Okasen Co. Ltd and became a business partner with Gaytogs, USA.
1978 New company building opened in Osaka (now the head office of Caitac Family, Inc.) New Osaka Branch building
1980 Men’s specialist tailor shop, LORD HOUSE, opened

1982- ‹towards the apparel business in new age›

1982 Gaytogs Co. Ltd was founded (now Caitac International, Inc.)
1984 The trade name Okasen Co. Ltd was changed to Caitac Corp.
1987 Caitac head office building was completed in Okayama
1990 The first overseas factory Caitac MFG INC was completed The first overseas factory ‘Caitac USA MFG., INC’.
1991 Offices were opened in Qingdao and Shanghai to expand the business into China
1994 Caitac International head office was opened for business in Nakameguro, Tokyo
1999 SCENE brand was added to the Caitac Group
2004 The three group companies were re-organized
2007 Caitac acquired Palmus International Pal’las Palace Daikanyama Shop
2008 Aqui Agora Caitac, Inc. started its operation
2009 Teamkit, Inc. was founded KATO’s label ‘Bamboo Grass’
2012 Gridge, Inc. was founded
2015 The group was restructured and Caitac Corporation became a holding company, owning shares in the other group companies
2015 New head office building opened in Okayama
2020 Change the name of company from Caitac co,ltd to Caitac Holdings co,ltd.

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