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Mission Statement

To fulfill our social responsibility,We uphold ‘integrity’ as our corporate philosophy,strive to consistently develop better products,strive to achieve mutual prosperity between consumers, business partners and employees and contribute to the welfare of society through our work.


Code of Conduct

We will ensure that our company continues to grow, develop, and meet the needs and expectation of society.We will strive to establish a mutual trust between the company, consumers and employees.  We will always consider how we can best improve the present situation and build a better future.We will nurture the ability of self-control, and will have the conviction to do what needs to be done.We will strive to build happiness in people’s lives, working every day with a thankful heart, and keeping honesty and modesty to the fore.

Extract from a book by the founder, Hirofumi Kaihata

…………………..even when I was unsure of things, I just kept going with my business by always facing people with integrity. As a consequence, it never made me a good talker, but I came to realise quite a simple truth – if I faced people with integrity, they would trust me. I quickly realised that this is the only way I can do what I do, and sure enough, when I did my best to serve people with integrity, good results followed without fail. As I continue, I grew in confidence, and my integrity started to become the core belief in the depth of my heart. ‘My integrity’ is in fact my way of surviving in this world, which I found through my weaknesses. I now know that you cannot take weaknesses lightly. The character 「誠」 (makoto, which forms a part of the word ‘integrity’) means what you say is what you do. As the character symbolizes, it means your word comes to life. After all, ‘integrity’ simply means that the person you are dealing with also understands you and that it is apparent to everyone that what you are doing is right. This word ‘integrity’ is upheld as the corporate philosophy for Okasen (now Caitac Corporation), and I remain convinced that this was the right choice.

July, 1983
‹Extract from ‘My Integrity’ by Hirofumi Kaihata›

My Integrity

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